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The Yellow Booke III

Walpurgis Night Edition

A compendium of original horror stories (some written in the vein of classic supernaturalists such as M. R. James, J. S. Le Fanu, H. P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce, and William Hope Hodgson, others written to push, test, and redefine the boundaries of the postmodern horror tale), The Yellow Booke is an original publication from Oldstyle Tales Press, whose annotated and illustrated critical editions of classic horror have piqued international interest from fans and scholars alike.

The Yellow Booke contributes to Oldstyle Tales’ mission of invigorating interest in the classical past of the horror genre, while inspiring and encouraging those who would participate directly in its future.

In these pages you will find mystery, weird fiction, body horror, science fictions, ghost stories, dark fantasies, and other strange tales written by living authors - some professional, some amateur, and all deeply talented in conveying what Professor James called ‘a pleasing terror...’

Featuring the imaginative, powerful talent of David Senior, V, Matthew E. Banks, Thomas Olivieri, Brian O'Connell, William J. Booker, Geoff Woodbridge, Edward Moore, M. Grant Kellermeyer, Axel Koehler, David J. Gibbs, and Christopher Burke.

Published by M Grant Kellermeyer’s Oldstyle Tales Press, this is the third volume of The Yellow Booke.
Mrs Ellsworth’s Cakes is included here along with thirteen other original ghost, horror and weird tales.

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Previous and later volumes of The Yellow Booke are also available.
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